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  • About Us

    Established in 2017, DAW (China) Co., Ltd is a Hong Kong enterprise that is professionally engaged in coating research, development, production, sales and technical service. As a global member of DAW SE, the world famous coatings group, we are adhering to the tradition of German quality and devoted ourselves to the new development of China’s coatings industry.

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    Brand Introduction

      As the first functional coating brand in Germany, Caparol is the preferred brand of paint professionals such as artisans and designers in Germany and surrounding countries.

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    • ALPINA

      As the most famous brand of the Group, Alpina is dedicated to retail coatings market. In Chinese market, original products of Alpina are imported, so as to keep pace with those in German local market. 

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      KRAUTOL brand has a history of more than 100 years in the field of professional building coatings. 

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    • ForLove

      Based on the characteristic of German imported paint products, FORLOVE renovation service is a set of professional and standardized coating service system.

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    Project Case
    Certificate of Honor
    • DGNB
    • Blue Angel Certification
    • Living Style Marken Award
    • World Star for Packing